The Builderall Earnings Calculator

Builderall Earnings Calculator
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Leveraged Affiliate Program

The Builderall Affiliate Program utilizes a generous two-tier leveraged Affiliate Earnings system as illustrated by the Builderall Earnings Calculator.

The Affiliate Program structure is good but I found some of the software components a bit clunky and the suite seemed like a work in progress. Although in fairness, it’s an active development team and there are regular improvements and updates.

With regard to the affiliate program itself, you are paid 100% of the subscription fee for the first month of any new customer you refer.  You are then paid 30% for the subsequent months of their subscription.

The two-tier element makes the affiliate program even more attractive.  If your customer refers other new customers, then you also get 30% of their subscription fees. 

The other element the affiliate program has going for it are the fast payouts. The referral money can be in your bank within days rather than weeks.

Use the Earnings Calculator below to do the math


How many licenses can you sell in one year?

How many will work as an affiliate?

How many sells each affiliate will make?

Your immediate earnings


Your monthly income
In addition to immediate earnings


Total direct clients


Total 2nd Tier clients


The calculator makes this program seem unreal. But you need to put it in context., some people will drop out.

You might also want to check out affiliate programs pf more mature products like the Wealthy Affiliate (excellent affiliate training platform) or ClickFunnels (market leader in this particular niche)

Affiliate Cookies and Payments

Builderall Affiliate Tracking Cookie

My understanding is that the Builderall Tracking Cookie is session only.

The implications are that the referred user needs to register there and then.  If they close the browser and return directly to the site later, then you won’t get credit for the referral.

Builderall Affiliate Payments

There is a fast turnaround for Affiliate Payments.  You can request withdrawal of funds just five days after being credited with a commission.

You are paid by Paypal (or bank transfer) each Thursday following your withdrawal request.

Become an Affiliate Parner

You can’t promote the Builderall Affiliate Program without being a Builderall Business Subscriber.  This cost $49.90 per month.  

You will need to recruit one subscriber a month to cover your own subscription overheads.

Once you have recruited more than three subscribers who stay with Builderall, the recurring monthly income covers your own costs and returns a profit even if you don’t recruit any further subscribers. 



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Builderall Earnings Calculator
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