Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall Affiliate Program
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The Builderall Affiliate Program is currently making a lot of noise with online marketers. So, what is it?  What is Builderall? And how does the affiliate program work?

Note: If you’re not clear on the concept of Affiliate Marketing at this stage, then I would advise reading the general overview first.

Before we look at the Affiliate Program that the Builderall team have put together, let’s take a peek at what Builderall (as a product) is.

What is Builderall?

Builderall is a cloud-based software suite that includes the following:

  • Drag and Drop Website Builders
  • Unlimited Website Hosting (Host as many websites as you like)
  • Pre-built website templates for dozens of different types of business
  • Pre-built sales page templates for any marketing campaign
  • Pre-built sales funnels by expert marketers
  • Analytics software
  • Facebook and Pixel Integration Tools
  • Facebook Messenger and Chatbot Tools
  • Email Marketing and Professional Automation (unlimited mailing lists, sequenced campaigns)
  • Sales Machines
  • Webinar Creation and Management Software
  • Course Creation Tools

If you need additional information on the toolset and the suite of products, then click here to visit the Builderall website. It gives a detailed breakdown of each of the components.

Builderall is “Software As A Service“, meaning customers pay a monthly subscription for access.  The Business version is currently $49.90 per month.

To join the Builderall Affiliate Program and promote Builderall subscriptions, you need to be a Builderall Business Subscriber yourself.

The Builderall Platform

I am a Builderall Affiliate, and I’ll be frank with my assessment…

The Builderall software suite is a mixed bag. Some of the components feel clunky, the website builder and email list manager aren’t up there with the best but on the same note you’d probably expect to pay more for them. 

There are better stand-alone products around than some of the individual components of Builderall.  I do pay more for those products… but that is a price I am prepared to pay.

The Facebook Chatbot Module looks promising and the Webinar creation software is something I will try out in due course.

I’ll write a more extensive detailed review of Builderall shortly… but in brief, the software isn’t something I would personally recommend as a business toolset (at the moment) if the person had a decent budget.  However, if the end user was on a more limited budget then I think it probably does represent value for money. 

It’s probably worth mentioning that the development team is pretty active and there are regular updates and improvements.

The Affiliate Program they have put together is excellent. It’s one of the best around and they also offer plenty of promotional resources and training materials.

Is the Builderall Affiliate Program Multi-Level Marketing ?

The question requires a nuanced answer. I see two distinct shades of promoting Builderall…

Shade 1: If you join the Builderall Affiliate Program and are promoting it primarily as a software suite to people who intend using it as a software suite then this isn’t Multi-Level Marketing.

Shade 2: If you are promoting Builderall to prospective Affiliate Marketers for the sole reason of it having a great Affiliate Program and the financial rewards that go with it then, yes, I conclude it is Multi-Level Marketing!

That’s my opinion anyway. You can take a look at the structure of the program below and make your mind up. There is a small pyramid in there.

Affiliate Cookies and Payments

Builderall Affiliate Tracking Cookie

My understanding is that the Builderall Tracking Cookie is session only.

The implications are that the referred user needs to register there and then.  If they close the browser and return directly to the site later, then you won’t get credit for the referral.

Builderall Affiliate Payments

There is a fast turnaround for Affiliate Payments.  You can request withdrawal of funds just five days after being credited with a commission.

You are paid by Paypal (or bank transfer) each Thursday following your withdrawal request.

The Two-Tier Leveraged Builderall Affiliate Program

When you join as a Builderall Affiliate, you don’t just get paid a one-off fee for referring new customers to Builderall; you also get paid a commission for every following month they subscribe. I’ll explain how this works with an example…

An Example Affiliate: “John.”

Let’s say you recruited “John“.

John signs up for a Builderall subscription and pays the $49.90 subscription fee. 

Who gets that money? You do — all of it.  Builderall pays you 100% of the first month of John’s subscription.  You would receive a payment of $49.90.

Not only that, you get paid 30% of John’s subscription for as long as he subscribes.  $14.97 every month.

Now it gets even more interesting:

Imagine John decides he wants to become an Affiliate also. Let’s assume he recruits maybe one person a week for a year.  That’s 52 extra people.

You (as John’s sponsoring affiliate) would then get an additional $14.97 for every one of those people John recruited. Not just once, but each month!  

If John had 52 people paying subscriptions in any one month, then you’d earn 52*14.97 = $778.44 per month

That’s in addition to your direct earnings and commission from John’s subscription

Builderall Affiliate Program Earnings Calculator

Crunch the numbers yourself with the Builderall Affiliate Earnings Calculator.

As you can see the potential is impressive.  However, you also need to take into account that a subscriber isn’t necessarily going to hang around for a year.  Most will not. 

Still, even taking that into account, the Affiliate Program is a good one.

How many licenses can you sell in one year?

How many will work as an affiliate?

How many sells each affiliate will make?

Your immediate earnings
Your monthly income In addition to immediate earnings
Total direct clients
Total 2nd Tier clients

Also, there are no contracts or lock-ins. You can cancel your subscription any time you like if this proves not to be for you. I’m an Affiliate purely on the strength of the Affiliate Program rather than the software. That may change as the team at Builderall are continually working to improve the software modules.

The subscription isn’t prohibitive – at $49.90 per month (cost of 2 or 3 good pizzas?), you can try it out for a month and see if it is for you.  There are plenty of resources and training videos to aid you with the promotion. 

You’ll also get two additional video courses – Facebook Advertising for Master Entrepreneurs and Alex Paim’s The Smart Salesman course with their current deal.

Here is a promotional Builderall video giving some further insight into the system.



Hey, I’m Owen, an affiliate marketer, blogger, sports fan + Dad of 3. 

I’m joining the dots between affiliate marketing, blogging, tech and sales funnels to find best practice. Let’s connect:

Affiliate Disclosure: I NEVER recommend a product or service that I don’t personally use, love or buy myself, but just to be totally transparent you should know that some of the links on my site ARE affiliate links and I DO make a small commission from any sales that are made. Thanks for your support!

Builderall Affiliate Program
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