Popular Types of Affiliate

Types of Affiliate Marketing

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Before finding affiliate programs to join, you need an idea of how you intend to market the products or services.

Some of the more popular mechanisms to drive traffic to the merchant site include social media, video channels, blogs and your website.

Most affiliate marketers will have a blog or website, even if they utilize other methods to drive traffic.

Having a website is fundamental as most merchants will ask you to provide the address during the application process for the affiliate program.

“Website” is quite a generic term that covers many flavours, so let’s consider some of the popular types of a site used by affiliate marketers.

Blogging and Social Media
Internet Marketing

Personal Blog

A Personal Blog is your journal of posts.  You write about your own life, experiences, interests and activities. The practice is commonly known as Blogging.

If you are on Facebook or active on other social media channels, then you are already “micro-blogging” in a manner of speaking. You’ll need to be a bit more expansive on a personal blog.

Affiliate Marketing can work well with a blog, and you can monetize your content by adding affiliate links (links to the merchant website) into your posts. 


Imagine a scenario where you have written a blog about your new camera. You would monetize this post by adding an affiliate link to the merchant’s website where the reader could buy the camera.


If the user went ahead and bought the camera then you would qualify for an affiliate commission payment.

Imagine another scenario, where you’ve just cooked a great dinner. You could monetize this post by adding an affiliate link to a merchant’s website where the reader could purchase the recipe book.

You can post blogs on a wide range of topics, and you’ll find affiliate programs for all types of related products and services.

Many personal blogs focus on a particular niche – think parenting, sports, relationships, health, fitness, beauty, cooking, climbing etc.; There are no restrictions.  You blog about what you like.  It’s your blog.

The critical point to remember right now is that every time somebody clicks one of your links and makes a purchase on the merchant site, then you’ll get a commission.

Authority Blog

A blog is an “authority blog” when the blogger is an expert in a specific niche subject area, and readers visit to get information and advice in that field.

Authority blogs focus on the blogger’s area of expertise and less on their personal life.

For example, a cyclist might focus on niche areas relevant to cycling such as nutrition, training or bikes.

Comparisons and Reviews Website

Comparison and review websites entail writing about products and services, often comparing different offerings to one another.

These websites can be a good match for affiliate marketing because the reader is often in “buying mode”. 

For example, a person writing about travel might compare airlines, review hotels or tourist attractions and add affiliate links for bookings.

Niche Product or Service Website

Creating a website to promote niche products or services is a popular way of affiliate marketing.

A niche product or service is one aimed at a subset of a bigger market. 

To explain this, we’ll use the clothing market as an example.  A subset of the clothing market is the shoe market. The shoe market is still too big a market in its own right to be classed as a niche, so the next step is to drill down to a type of shoe aimed at a particular demographic in respect of sex, age and price.  

For example, “Hiking shoes” could be considered a niche, although you can break this down further. For instance, “Women’s Hiking Shoes”.

Hiking Boots
Find Your Niche

The great balancing act is to find niches that have decent customer audience potential with as little competition as possible.

Next: Let’s take a look at some research tools for evaluating your niches.

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