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Affiliate Marketing.
Passive Income.

Welcome to the wonderful world of affiliate marketing! A world where you earn commissions for referring people to products or services. A blueprint for passive income. Do you want to find out how it works? 

Here’s how:

An Affiliate Marketing Demo:

In a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing is where you earn money (commission) from a merchant by referring people to them who buy their products or services.

There is no need to carry stock or process orders. You simply get paid for the referral.

The two merchants in the above examples are global market leaders for the services they provide. They provide quality offerings.  

Why is this relevant? It’s because there are also affiliate programs out there promoting substandard products and that eternal old chestnut – yes, you guessed it, the Get Rich Quick scheme.  

Avoid these like the plague and stick to promoting affiliate programs linked to excellent products and services.   

Think about it. Imagine if you refer somebody to a handy service that fulfils one of their needs. 

They’ll be happy, and that person is far less likely to cancel their subscription to the service within the first month. 

Translation: It means more recurring income for you.

On the flip-side, consider a scenario where you refer a person to a pretty inferior product or service based on a subscription model.  

Yes, you might earn an initial commission, but it’s unlikely they’ll be renewing for the following month, and you’ll look like an ass for recommending it. Your trust level evaporates.

So, why do good businesses run affiliate programs in the first place?  

It’s a smart strategy when you weigh it up.  The business won’t need to employ dozens of people to market their products directly.   

Instead, they give regular people like you and me an incentive to promote their offerings and pay purely based on results. 

Earn money as an affiliate

Let’s look at Amazon as an example.  They are one of the biggest companies in the world and a household name.

Amazon built its business on the back of affiliate marketing.  They have thousands of affiliates. They are not alone: There are over one hundred thousand affiliate programs run by companies operating in all sectors.

I don’t talk too much about Amazon on this blog (even though I’m an affiliate). Yes, some people make money out of the Amazon Associates program, and I’m not bashing it, but I prefer to concentrate on higher ticket commissions, particularly those that focus on excellent products or services and offer recurring income. 

A 6.8 Billion Dollar Industry

In 2020, an estimated $6.8 billion will be paid out to affiliate marketers by US companies alone. The statistic doesn’t even include the broader global market.

Seeing as you’re reading this blog, then I suspect you’re interested in grabbing a slice of this pie.

Just so that you know in advance, I am not a self-proclaimed Guru or a Fake it Until You Make It expert offering my own course for $297.

What I am doing here is quite the opposite and pretty straightforward:

  • Developing best affiliate marketing practice including:
    • Research Tools
    • Social Media Engagement (researching the best practices in using LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter)
    • Investigating other traffic sources such as Quora, Reddit, Medium, Tumblr and social messaging apps.
    • Search Engine / Keyword Optimization
    • Building Email Lists
    • The Art of Blogging
    • Sales Funnels
    • Networking and Engagement Pods

My research is documented on this blog.  It’s not a course, it’s totally free content that you choose to digest or ignore at your leisure.

The Mission: Goal - Plan - Success

How YOU Can Start Affiliate Marketing

The good news about Affiliate Marketing is that there are no bars to entry.  Anybody can begin affiliate marketing, and you have the added luxury that you can work as little or as long as you like.  You are the boss.

To get going, I’ve written some guidance notes on this site to demonstrate how you can set up and started. Click here to check them out.

At the same time, I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel.  There are a lot of useful resources online including structured training programs. Some of them cost a little money and others are free.

Unless you intend signing up directly to an affiliate program and spamming social media with direct links (not recommended), you will need a website. Indeed, Most affiliate programs will ask you for a website address when you apply to join.

Click here for notes on setting up your own website.

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

Tony Robbins

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Affiliate Disclosure: I NEVER recommend a product or service that I don’t personally use, love or buy myself, but just to be totally transparent you should know that some of the links on my site ARE affiliate links and I DO make a small commission from any sales that are made. Thanks for your support!

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